Metabolic Surgery

Metabolic Surgery

Start changing your future today with Metabolic ( Weight loss ) Surgery to control your Blood sugar and complications associated with it. DR ASHISH VASHISTHA DIRECTOR AND HOD DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY AND ROBOTICS MAX SAKET SAYS – Bariatric Surgery not only helps us lose weight, but it also helps to cure Type 2 Diabetes,  High Blood pressure,  knee pains, Sleep apnea,  Polycystic ovaries, and many more obesity problems. 

Types of Metabolic Surgery

  • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy:  This is a keyhole surgery that covers the stomach into a long limited cylinder about the shape and size of a banana. This restricts the measure of food the patient can eat and improves the impact of intestinal chemicals to cut down glucose. 
  • Laparoscopic gastric detour: This is additionally a keyhole surgery that makes a little egg-molded pocket in the upper stomach that is then associated with the lower part of the small digestive tract in a “Y” setup. Food is redirected by this detour and is just caught up in a short section of the digestive organs.

The benefit of Metabolic Surgery

The metabolic medical procedure brings about critical and supportable long-haul weight reduction. Most patients will accomplish an overabundance weight reduction of around 70 – 80% following 18 – two years.

Metabolic medical procedures can assist with forestalling unexpected issues identified with diabetes like kidney disappointment, diabetic eye sickness, and vascular issues. This sort of medical procedure has additionally been demonstrated to be successful in assisting with forestalling the beginning of diabetes in stout patients who are at high danger of fostering this because of their abundance weight.

Consult A Bariatric surgeon to see if you are eligible for this Surgery and make your future healthy fit and active