Best Piles Surgeon in Delhi

Best Piles surgeon in Delhi

Do you have bleeding when you pass stool?

Do you have pain when you pass stool?

And If its been for long then you should consult the best piles surgeon in Delhi. It should be examined properly because you might have hemorrhoids which are also known as piles. Sometimes it can be related with Fischer which can be painful thing. They are all related to your constipation, when you have constipation your stool rubs and the internal mucous comes out and it starts bleeding.

best piles surgeon in delhi

Best Piles Surgeon in Delhi

It can be treated by :

First is very conservative you can visit your doctor and try to control it through medicines but when it is uncontrollable by conservative method and you are also loosing blood everyday so it has to be cured with surgical methods. There are few options how we can deal with it. The best option is through minimal invasive procedure for Hemorrhoids.  Initially it was done as an open surgery but now it is done by minimal access surgery.

This surgery is less painful with less duration of stay in hospital. In this type of surgery the chances of recurrence is very low as in this it is taken away from the roots. In this here will be less blood loss as compared to open surgery and a total of 5 days of stay at home will be all for this type of surgery.

The most important cause of Piles is constipation as when the stool is very hard it rubs the tissue and makes them bigger. Avoiding constipation is the best way to avoid hemorrhoids. 

Appointment with Dr. Ashish Vashistha

Dr Ashish Vashishtha is treating patients who have piles from the last 20 years. He has a rich and extensive experience in treating patients who have piles or hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from piles you should consult Dr Ashish as  according to his patients he is the best piles surgeon in Delhi. Also known as the Best Bariatric surgeon in delhi and the Best hernia surgeon in delhi