Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi NCR

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi NCR 

Bariatric(Obesity) surgery is a surgery that is done on people who have obesity. In this, the size of the stomach is reduced with a gastric band or by removing a portion of the stomach or by rerouting or recreating the small intestine. Delhi being the capital of India has many surgeons who perform bariatric surgeries. The result of the surgeries is also very good. Bariatric surgery is the fastest and easy way for weight loss and also known as weight loss surgery

best bariatric surgeon in delhi ncr

Dr Ashish Vashistha is a senior surgeon in Delhi who is performing this type of surgery for the past two decades. Best Bariatric surgeon is the one who is well trained in handling bariatric surgeries & should also treat his patients with affection & care. The team of Dr Ashish Vashistha is very friendly & takes very good care of his patients. He is using the latest technology & performs bariatric surgery with the use of a robot which makes him the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi NCR.

He has won many national awards & has published several research papers in the field of minimal access surgery which makes him the best surgeon for minimal access surgeries. He is amongst the first few surgeons who pioneered bariatric surgery in Delhi NCR. He handles his patients with care therefore he is the best bariatric or weight loss doctor in NCR.

The benefit to Weight loss through Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss with bariatric surgery has a huge impact on blood pressure. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular risk like heart attack, stroke & Peripheral vascular disease, So if you get bariatric surgeries for these, your cholesterol level improves tremendously so the chances of strokes or heart attack are very less as compare to when you don’t have a weight loss. 

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Benefits of Gastric sleeve ( Bariatric Surgery )

Gastric Sleeve is a restricted type of Bariatric surgery and acts by making stomach size smaller and does no alteration on intestines.  The digestive system functions normally. Unlike patients who have Gastric Bypass, Gastric sleeve patients do not suffer from severe vitamin deficiencies, food restriction and malabsorption Gastric sleeve patients require little follow-up, unlike Gastric band patients who require regular band adjustment.

Dr Vashistha – The Best Bariatric Surgeon says – Gastric sleeve is ideal for people with a busy lifestyle and wants to eat all kinds of foods following portion control. 

Is Bariatric(Obesity) surgery safe?

Like any surgery, bariatric surgery has its own risks. With the advancement in technology, the safety of bariatric surgery has improved dramatically over the past decade. In fact, nowadays, bariatric surgery is as safe as the commonly performed gallbladder removal surgery.

An effective treatment strategy should address the 3 clinical challenges typical of the syndrome:

  • Insulin resistance,
  • Menstrual irregularities associated with anovulation and newer findings have broadened options for medical management of insulin resistance, anovulation, and hyperandrogenism. 
  • Hyperandrogenic symptoms such as hirsutism. Here, I review recent findings—including new data on the use of insulin-sensitizing agents for hyperinsulinemia—and offer a practical guide, complete with an algorithm(FIGURE), for managing women with PCOS.

On the other hand, weight loss that results from bariatric surgery can lead to profound health and psychosocial benefits. In the long term, bariatric surgery has been proven to reduce patients risks for heart attack, stroke, cancer and mortality.

For many obese patients, bariatric surgery not only increases their life expectancy but also improves their quality of life. For people with morbid obesity, especially those with comorbidities, not having bariatric surgery might be more dangerous than having surgery in the long term.

Experts like Dr Ashish Vashistha recommended the Best Bariatric Surgery in Delhi NCR for all those who are morbidly obese and all those who are obese with Co-Morbidities like Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, PCO, knee pains, sleep apnea and hyperlipidemia


Why Best Bariatric surgeon in Delhi NCR?

If you are searching for the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi, Dr Ashish Vashistha is the best choice. He’s the best in minimal access surgery, laparoscopic surgery, post-surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, metabolic surgeries, minimally invasive, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and also help in body weight loss. Many of his patients have positive thinking for Dr Ashish Vashistha and gave their opinion by reviewing him on his Google my business page. The maximum of their patient gave him 5 stars. All these qualities of Dr Vashistha make him the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi NCR and also known as Best Hernia Surgeon in Delhi.